My car is broken. Now what?

It always happens at the wrong time. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often. But when your car is broken, you are suddenly in need of a repair facility. How do you know a good one from one to avoid?

In some cases, it might be as little as how they talk to you. Communication can make the job quicker and at times even less expensive. It begins with your initial phone call. Do they answer promptly? How is their tone? Friendly? Engaging? Helpful? When you arrive at their facility are they willing to HEAR you? Do they ask you tell to them as much as you know about the problem and when and how it occurs? Are they empathetic to your concerns and doing their best to work with your time schedule? Are they willing to take a ride with you, if necessary, to confirm the problem? Do they possess the skills and personnel to accomplish the repair? Are they being straight with you in regard to an estimate of cost and repair time, with no surprises at the end?

You can tell a lot about someone and their company, just by observing how they communicate with you. It creates a sense of confidence. Confidence in your repair facility will allow you to get on with your day, and leave the repair in their hands. For further comment, check out this article on the Car Care News.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012 by Dennis Broehm

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My car is broken. Now what?