Don’t Take A Vacation…

Don’t Take A Vacation…

…from vehicle maintenance.  Summer is the time for light-hearted days in the sun, hours away from the office and more time spent at the lake or on the links.  But before you lay aside all serious thinking – take a minute to consider….

Other than the frigid nights of January, summer is the biggest struggle for any vehicle.  Trips to the beach and ballpark add miles at a quicker pace.  Heat and humidity add pressure to tires & cooling systems.  Oils thin out and breakdown; transmissions work overtime.

Basic vehicle maintenance is all about common sense and a desire for a SAFE and COMFORTABLE ride.  To say nothing of maintaining the value of your investment (2nd only to the mortgage on the house).

It begins with regular oil and fluid changes because like tires they wear out.  Filters plug up with pollen and dust, making it hard for the engine to breathe. Tires need sufficient tread depth to grip the road and pushing them “a little longer” could be a fatal mistake.  A noise or vibration that is different is worth checking out.  Afterall repairing on your schedule is much better than a breakdown on the highway and a ruined vacation day.

So as the weather heats up and you set out, take the time to care for the vehicle that will carry your loved ones on vacation.

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Posted on Jun 6, 2014 by Dennis Broehm

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Don’t Take A Vacation…