Cracked Like An Old Rubber Band

Ever stretch an old rubber band and have it break? Ouch!!

Ever drive on an old tire and have it blow out? Ouch!!

Like all forms of rubber compounds, tires degrade with age and use. The new tire you bought was nice and flexible, with a tread face that was nearly 1/2 inch deep. But through many miles driven or years installed on the car, that tire has aged. By some standards a tire more than 6 yrs. old should be changed regardless of the tread left on it. As the tire wall hardens and the effects of UV take a toll, the ability of the tire to flex is reduced. Or maybe you drive lots of miles each year. No aging problem for you. But as you approach winter, how much tread depth is left? If the surface tread has less than 5/16 inch of depth, that tire may not be able to dissipate water & slush from the winter road surface. So from age or wear, now may be the time to replace the tires on your vehicle. It could be the best move to give you a safe and comfortable ride this winter.

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Posted on Oct 10, 2014 by Dennis Broehm

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Cracked Like An Old Rubber Band