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With over 60 yrs. of expert car and truck repair in one location, you can trust Accurate Full Service Vehicle Center.

From compact cars to big rigs, Accurate's team of service specialists will solve your repair problems today and give advice on maintenance of your vehicle in the future.

More than just another repair shop in Appleton, Accurate is your trusted resource.  Call today.

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Don’t Sink Your Trailer! Don’t Sink Your Trailer!

Don’t Sink Your Trailer!

Aug 8, 2015  •  Comments

You waited 6 months for the right weather, the time off from work and a special friend to share the day.  On the way to the boat launch, you heard a noise and felt a jerking of the trailer.  With smoke coming from the right trailer wheel, you had the sickening feeling that there...

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Pothole Peril Pothole Peril

Pothole Peril

Feb 2, 2015  •  Comments

Winter is on the run, with spring coming soon.  As frozen roads are warmed by the sun by day, and re-frozen at night, we find the appearance of the enemy of every vehicle suspension – the pothole.  Small potholes are annoying, ruining your comfortable ride.  Large ones can be...

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Cracked Like An Old Rubber Band Cracked Like An Old Rubber Band

Cracked Like An Old Rubber Band

Oct 10, 2014  •  Comments

Ever stretch an old rubber band and have it break? Ouch!!

Ever drive on an old tire and have it blow out? Ouch!!

Like all forms of rubber compounds, tires degrade with age and use. The new tire you bought was nice and flexible, with a tread face that was nearly 1/2 inch deep. But...

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Don’t Take A Vacation… Don’t Take A Vacation…

Don’t Take A Vacation…

Jun 6, 2014  •  Comments

Don’t Take A Vacation…

…from vehicle maintenance.  Summer is the time for light-hearted days in the sun, hours away from the office and more time spent at the lake or on the links.  But before you lay aside all serious thinking – take a minute to consider….

Other than the frigid...

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